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Flora Reznik (1986) is a visual artist, researcher, curator and videographer. She investigates underlying metaphysical assumptions that shape our world, in particular in relation to territory and political agency. She has created a method of poetical abstraction, a way to look for simple images that embody complex and abstract notions. Her practice is shaped by artistic research: thorough theoretical inquiry nourishes her artistic work. 

Reznik's projects are non medium bound and often incorporate video, text and performance in the context of installations, interdisciplinary events or publications. She is currently busy with fictional narratives as a means to incorporate historical, philosophical and field research. Her questions revolve around literature, belief and myth as an underlying force for what is considered "knowledge", in particular in regards to the notions of progress, nature and scientific certainties. She is also concerned with practicing storytelling as a mode of creating time and space for listening.

Flora Reznik was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she obtained a Diploma in Philosophy (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and co-founded the Contemporary Arts Magazine CIA, directed by Roberto Jacoby. Currently she is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, where she studied at ArtScience Interfaculty, in the Royal Academy of Art. She has shown her work in various visual art festivals and museums in The Netherlands and abroad. Her first feature documentary film premiered in the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (2018) and obtained a prize from the Argentinian National Fund for the Arts. Collaboration and facilitating interdisciplinary learning and conversation is essential to Reznik's practice. Together with Sissel Marie Tonn, she co-organizes the ongoing project The Reading Room, a series of events engaging artists with scholars in a mutual exchange of knowledge, taking place at Page Not FoundShe is the artistic director and co-curator of the performative-symposium Unknown Grounds, whose second iteration will take place in June 2022. She initiated the publication project "Script for a Synthetic Play", published by Onomatopee Projects in March 2022. -


Eef Veldkamp bos mist grijs 2.jpg

Eef Veldkamp (1993) is an artist, researcher and a lecturer at ArtEZ University of the Arts. By intermingling artistic and philosophical research methods, he brings about subversive textual interventions, hinging around contemporary philosophical bottlenecks ranging from the ontology of fire to mnemonic devices of negative histories. The insights of his writing simultaneously function as the point of departure for his artistic practice.

In his artistic practice Veldkamp develops what he terms ‘counter-systems’. These are organisations specifically erected to engage with actualities that occupy society. He currently investigates our mnemonic structures for dealing with societal crises, for which he developed the dark design/travel organisation called Hyper Souvenirs (2020) that designs a new sort of souvenirs. Each organisation, such as Hyper Souvenirs, has its own aims, programming and expiration date. Often this programming results in reproducible artworks that take the form of tools presented within a whole series of events and context, which is also why the artist terms it ‘art on batteries’—works of art that do. The goals of his practice, therefore, are not just solely to produce artworks per se, but through the structures of the arts co-produce new practices.


Veldkamp studied Fine Arts (BA, ArtEZ University of the Arts), Philosophy (PreMA, Radboud University) and Art and Politics (MA, Goldsmiths College, UoL) and a course Art as Politics (BAK Utrecht). Recently he concluded a research project resulting in a series of fifteen essays called Notes Towards Engaged Arts (2020-2021) for the Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics (AeCT) which will be published by ArtEZ Press in 2022. Amongst his recent publications are Capitalist Nihilism and the Murder of Art (2020) which he wrote with Lukas Meinser, and multiple essays for Mister Motley and Simulacrum Magazine.



Evelyn Andoh (1983) is a creative producer and works part-time for Friesland Pop, where she supports young talent in their musical development and professionalisation with various projects. Besides that, she works as a freelance projectmanager for Art Initiative VHDG, Popfabryk and Pier21, among others. She also gives dance and fashion-related workshops at secondary schools throughout the country. 

In addition to commissioned projects, Evelyn is an autonomous creator with a focus on 'Upcycling'. Sustainability, connecting different people and cultures and designing unique, artisanal objects are a common thread in Evelyn's autonomous works. By seeing discarded and polluting materials as a metaphor for her personal discord - which in her experience pollutes her body and soul.

After obtaining her HAVO diploma, Evelyn chose to continue her creative path through the fashion institute, first in The Hague, later in Leeuwarden. She continued her studies in the Frisian capital and obtained her Bachelor of Design at the Academy of Popular Culture, where she could develop and explore her pragmatic, self-taught attitude and the skills acquired during the fashion education in collaborations with others and in her own creative expressions.

Born in Accra, Ghana, Evelyn ended up in the Frisian city Franeker at the age of 10. Despite a difficult initial period in the Netherlands - partly caused by an unsafe home situation - and the cultural contrast between Accra and Friesland, she managed to develop into a creative centipede. For many years, she volunteered at various cultural productions and festivals, and she supported theater performances with choreographies and costume design, she worked as a CKV tutor at the Drachtster Lyceum and gave dance workshops for Ubuntu Talent Organization for years, without ever having received any dance education. She also managed the band Woe Blind Birds for two years, participated in national and international tours and also developed an interdisciplinary production - via the Up North lab - which they played at various locations in Friesland. In 2021 Evelyn presented solo work at the Media Art festival, after a week of residency there.



Trevor Vreeburg (1994) is part of Kunstinitiatief VHDG and does PR and communication. Besides his work there he is a musician, and he currently gives songwriting lessons for Het Generatiehuis in the neighborhood of Heechterp & Schieringen in Leeuwarden. While his focus has always been music, he developed himself as an interdisciplinary artist over the years, working on a lot of different projects and taking on different roles. He has done a lot of the PR and promotion for projects he was involved in. 

Throughout his years of experience in the cultural scene in Leeuwarden he has developed a broad interest in different kinds of art and social projects. His preferences are experimental and daring projects, pushing established genre boundaries and breaking through thought-patterns among the general crowd. The perspective of his own works are mostly philosophical approaches towards issues in society and explorations of existential and metaphysical questions. 

Trevor Vreeburg studied at Minerva: Academy for Popular Culture in Leeuwarden and got his bachelor of popular culture in 2019. He graduated with his interdisciplinary performance ‘Sanctuary’, a show he created and performed with his experimental loop station-duo The Wabe. He also has been singer and guitarist of punk band The Patents, bass player of folk band Plunder and he has worked on film sets and various kinds of theatre projects. Right now he writes music under the name Hynde. 


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