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Script for Synthetic Play, Radio theatre event

On the 30th of March 2022 the book that seems from the previous, 2019 edition of Unknown Grounds was launched. Underneath you'll find the recording of the event, which had the shape of a radio theatre show. 


Tune in for an online radio theater performance / book launch event: an acoustic way of approaching the traces of the unique experience that took place in Unknown Grounds. Dust off your ears and prepare your mind for a short but sweet reading of some of the juiciest pages of Script for a Synthetic play, a book where expertise meets experience in informal and approachable conversations turned into a comedy play with a pinch of science fiction. Hybrid voices circulate, borders of disciplines are blurred and grounds are collectively explored anew. 


Script for a Synthetic Play delves into human and land exhaustion, new world-making technologies, the need for refuge and infrastructures of care, and cultural and ecological challenges of today. Through the generative power of fiction a sense of identity and belonging emerges, but also of marginality and dispossession. 


[Script for a Synthetic Play stems from the discussions that took place in the performative symposium “Unknown Grounds'' in Leeuwarden, 2019, supported by art initiative VHDG and Tresoar Frysk Histoarysk en Letterkundich Sintrum, and features a collection of texts written by Sissel Marie Tonn, Bert Looper, Andrej Radman, Theun Karelse, masharu, Bert Boekschoten and Flora Reznik.] 


We also have some news to share about the upcoming Unknown Grounds: The Public Building edition, on 7-8 June, 2022!


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Unknwon Grounds: Script for Synthetic Play Flora Reznik, et all. Sound design Yun Lee. Editing Hans Peol.
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