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Sign up underneath to participate in Unknown Grounds II. We have 50 tickets available of which 5 for reduced price for those who otherwise can't join the event. UGII will take place at 7-8 June 2022.


A two-day ticket to Unknown Grounds 2 costs €50,-. ​Food is included.

A one-day ticket to Unknown Grounds 2 costs €25,-. Food is included.

STEP 1.   Deadline 06-06-2022:  Fill out the form in order to apply for participation in Unknown Grounds II. In this form we'll ask you to, 1. tell something about yourself. 2. if you have any special needs in order to participate, such as a need for reduced ticket price or childcare or help with finding accommodation. You'll pay for your ticket in the next stap.

STEP 2.   By 31-05-2022:   You'll receive confirmation of you participation and a payment link. Meanwhile we'll send you a digital booklet consisting of 6 short texts (5 pages each) written by our contributors in which they each share their perspectives on the notion of 'unknown grounds'. You will also receive a printed copy of the booklet at your home.


STEP 3.  By 06-06-2022: Send us one question/comment on each text and complete your payment. 

Sign up - UGII The Public Building
Which days are you coming?

You'll receive a sign up confirmation soon after submitting through email. Haven't received anything? Please check your spam-folder or email us at

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