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What labor are we performing in the public building? What sorts of labor are yet to be imagined?


Unknown Grounds is a performative symposium and interdisciplinary co-educational platform for the building of the public. By borrowing tools from performance art and through workshops guided by curated guests we will encourage different modes of playful participation and critical inquiry. Immersed in a theatrical atmosphere, we will become 'personas' where reality and fiction mingle, out of the conviction that hands on and speculative labor are both crucial to building the public towards something different than what it is today.


Unknown Grounds II: The Public Building focuses on how our public domains are constituted and enacted and explores how it could be built differently.

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7-8 June, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden

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deadline, 31-05-2022

The sign up for Unknown Grounds II: The Public Building is now open. We have 50 tickets available.  


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Past events

Script for Synthetic Play, Radio theatre event

Wednesday, 30-03-2022, 20:00-21:00

Tune in for an online radio theater performance / book launch event: an acoustic way of approaching the traces of the unique experience that took place in Unknown Grounds. Dust off your ears and prepare your mind for a short but sweet reading of some of the juiciest pages of Script for a Synthetic play, a book where expertise meets experience in informal and approachable conversations turned into a comedy play with a pinch of science fiction. Hybrid voices circulate, borders of disciplines are blurred and grounds are collectively explored anew. 

Link: HERE!

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